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Dyneema Wallets

Travel Wallet, H03, Black, w/ Fisher Stowaway Space, Dyneema Composite Fabric Hybrid


The Hawbuck Travel Wallet. This wallet can do double duty—it’s a passport wallet, but is also tall enough to hold Field Notes pads. It will fit 3-6 cards in each card pocket. It has a cash pocket that is large enough to hold any currency folded, and room enough for travel documents, your boarding pass. This thin wallet is designed to be versatile—-useful for notes and sketching for domestic use, then as a passport wallet for international travel. Made of Dyneema Composite Fabric Hybrid-- Cuben Fiber with woven polyester face. This is the 5oz material, as opposed to the 2.92 oz material I use for the lean wallet. This material has a bit more structure—works well for a wallet of this scale. This composite material makes this a good vegan option.

Two card pockets, with a cash / boarding pass pocket under the cards. Opposite that, the passport pocket, sized to alternately hold a Field Notes memo book.

The wallet comes with a Fisher Stowaway Space Pen, which accepts Fisher replacement cartridges. The pen slips into a sleeve in the spine of the wallet. It will not slip out. I’ve carefully sewn this sleeve for a precise fit— I use a vernier caliper to hit a .445” seam width for the pen sleeve, and give the sleeve a slight bias so that you can pull the pen out but leave the cap in the sleeve. You push up to get both the pen and cap, or pull down to get just the pen. I keep catching myself holding my breath when I sew these, and sometimes I have to rip the seam to move it over just ever so slightly to get the right fit. It’s ridiculous.

Also, a Z-Line Spectra core cord loop. This material has a polyester sheath. The loop is sized so you can put a finger through while you're retrieving items from the wallet— in conjunction with the pen spine this can act as a sort of handle. This loop may be useful for clipping to your pack. Not easy to cut through, but if you want to remove it, a minute or two with an x-acto blade will do the trick.

I have 4 wallets available with the loop at top. I kept going back and forth on the decision to put the loop on top or bottom, settled on bottom, so once these 4 are gone that will be it. If you want one of these you can specify “loop on top” in the ordering form.

The wallet with pen comes in at just shy of 22 grams.

Material made in Arizona. Thread made in Germany. Pen made in Nevada. Wallet made in USA. 

Size: 4.5" x 6"

Weight: 22 Grams

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Hawbuck Travel Wallet Black H03_10.png
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